• BIOMIX Plus Supplement for Cat & Dog Rs. 3,734.50
    • Complementary food supplement for dogs and cats.
    • With a high content of brewer’s yeast, biotin and vitamin B complex.
    • With a positive effect on pigmentation.

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  • KALCEVIT Daily Care for Puppies Supplement Rs. 2,667.50
    • Complementary food supplement for dogs
    • Intended for puppies, young dogs, domestic and lactating bitches
    • Increased content of calcium and phosphorus
    • Packaging: 100 tablets (120g)

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  • KITTYCAT Daily Care for Kittens & Cats Supplement Rs. 3,734.50
    • Vitamin-mineral nutritional supplement intended for kittens and cats.
    • Provides unique health support for cats.
    • It ensures healthy growth and vitality.
    • Packaging: 100 tablets (100g).

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  • SEMAVIT Plus Daily Care for Senior Dogs Rs. 3,676.30
    • Vitamin-mineral supplement in the diet of older dogs.
    • A balanced combination of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids
    • It ensures happy, fulfilled and meaningful later years of the dog
    • Packaging: 100 tablets (100g)

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