Me-O Mother and Baby Cat Food


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  • Improves cat’s eyesight with Taurine.
  • Cat’s immune system is boosted by Vitamin C and E.
  • Healthier digestive system due to the increasing number in beneficial bateria.
  • Teeth and bones are strengthened by Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D.
  • Cat’s hair and skin are nourished and become healthier by Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids from high quality oil.
  • Brain and nervous system are enhanced by DHA from Fish oil and Choline.
  • Kibbles can be easily rehydrated, when mixing them with lukewarm water.

Main ingredients: Poultry meal, corn gluten, poultry fat, corn, soybean meal, wheat flour, rice, beet, fishmeal, prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharide, beta-glucan, mannan-oligosaccharide, galacto-oligosaccharide), mineral substance, ocean fish oil, lecithin, dried yeast, milk substitute, vitamins, dl-methionine, taurine, antioxidants.

Nutritional ingredients:

Protein At least 35%
Fat At least 18%
Fiber Up to 4%
Moisture Up to 10%


Age (Month) Feeding amount (g/day) Time (Meal/day)
1 – 2 35 – 45 4 – 5
2 – 3 45 – 65 3 – 4
3 – 4 65 – 80 3 – 4

Pregnant cat

Weight Feeding amount (g/day)
3 – 4 85 – 110
4 – 5 110 – 130
5 – 6 130 – 145

Elevate Your Cat’s Well-being with Me-O Mother and Baby Cat Food

Indulge your feline companions in the goodness of Me-O Mother and Baby Cat Food, a masterpiece tailored for their holistic development. This specially crafted formula encompasses a symphony of health benefits, ensuring your cat’s well-being at every stage.

With a rich blend of Taurine, this diet enhances your cat’s eyesight, promoting a sharper and more vibrant vision. Me-O goes beyond by boosting your cat’s immune system through a powerful infusion of Vitamin C and E, fortifying their defenses against ailments.

Experience the joy of a healthier digestive system, thanks to the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Me-O reinforces teeth and bones with a perfect blend of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D.

Me-O’s commitment extends to the enhancement of the brain and nervous system with DHA from Fish oil and Choline. Additionally, the kibbles can be easily rehydrated by mixing them with lukewarm water, providing a versatile dining experience for your feline friends.

Explore the world of Me-O’s premium cat nutrition at and unlock a treasure trove of health and happiness for your beloved cats!

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